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500€ for your design!

We need your creativity: create the corporate design for the 35th Heidelberg Symposium!


We invite all creative minds to take part in the design competition for the 35th Heidelberg Symposium! We are looking for a design concept for the motto “AufBruch” (departure, breakup or decampment), which will include the logo, posters, flyers, social media and our website. The HCWK e. V. is an independent, non-political and interdisciplinary ...


AufBruch 2024: Courage, inventiveness and shaping our future


The time has come: the hot planning phase for the 35th Heidelberg Symposium has begun. To share our anticipation with you, we are announcing the motto of the upcoming symposium - “AufBruch” (departure, breakup or decampment). Read below to find out what we associate with this theme: 1440: Johannes Gutenberg invents modern letterpress printing 1...