YAY! We have a motto! The motto of the 34th Heidelberg Symposium is:

zeit.los (time.less)

Time is running, it is running away from us.
What does it take to be timeless?
We are accompanied by timeless theories and classics, but also by timeless plastic. How are classics created in art and music? What will we still remember? What constitute the great timeless ideas, concepts and theories of humanity? How do we find stable international orders? How have languages developed and prevailed?

Meanwhile, everything around us seems to be moving faster and faster.
How do we catch up with technical progress? How do we shape our growing cities, our infrastructure? Never before has so much food and clothing been produced, never before has so much of it been thrown away. Never has our planet been better connected, never have we felt more alone. How is this changing our everyday lives, how is it shaping our lives?

The question remains, what are we moving toward - what is there at the end? What remains after us?
Will artificial intelligences be our intellectual heritage? How does the universe end, or does everything repeat itself? How do we deal with this finite time? Can we extend our time, as humans, as humanity?

What is certain is that we must see time as a lot, as a chance to shape our future in the here and now. Time is less!

What’s next

Now it is the task of the participants of the Design competition to create a design from our motto that we can then use everywhere.