Abschlussvortrag: New Economic Pathways – Towards a Post-Growth Economy

Samstag, 25.5. | 16:45 - 18:15 Neue Aula

Hinweis: Julia Mateus (Chefredakteurin des Satiremagazins TITANIC) musste aus gesundheitlichen Gründen leider absagen. Stattdessen wird Dr. Melanie Rieback den Abschlussvortrag übernehmen. — In an era where the limits of perpetual economic growth become increasingly evident, Melanie Rieback’s keynote “New Economic Pathways: Towards a Post-Growth Economy” offers a fascinating look into the possibilities of a new economic understanding. She discusses how businesses and societies can move beyond profit-driven growth to pursue models based *on sustainability and realigning incentives by eliminating financial extraction*. Melanie Rieback shares her experiences with Radically Open Security *and Nonprofit Ventures*, demonstrating that it’s feasible to conduct business successfully without prioritizing profit maximization. Her talk highlights the urgent need for a paradigm shift in our economic thinking and provides concrete examples of how this change can be shaped.

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Dr. Melanie Rieback

Informatikerin sowie Mitgründerin und Geschäftsführerin von "Radically Open Security" und "Nonprofit Ventures"

Melanie Rieback, CEO of Radically Open Security, is a pioneer in the cybersecurity field and an advocate for the Post-Growth Economy. Initially an academic as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at VU Amsterdam, she transitioned to entrepreneurship, founding the world’s first non-profit computer security consultancy firm. Her firm donates 90% of its profits to the NLnet Foundation to support internet freedom. Melanie’s innovative approach to business challenges traditional growth metrics by emphasizing social impact over profit. She also founded Nonprofit Ventures, which supports sustainable business practices.